We offer an number of Programs at Three Springs Institute

-CEU classes for acupuncturists and anyone interested in Chinese medicine and philosophy:

30 day residential program.  In this program students spend 30 days over the course of a year at Three Springs Farm to immerse themselves in Chinese medicine study and self cultivation.  Each program is individualized.

-Tai Ji Quan Classes: Offered Regularly in Mendocino

-Taiji Tuina Program: Tui Na is the word for bodywork or medical massage in Chinese.  Tai Ji (Tai Chi) is known as a martial art and form of health exercise, but is a philosophy of health through relaxation and movement, which is applied to bodywork in this program.  This course covers all basic theory of Chinese medicine and Tai Ji from a classical perspective and then applies it in a hands on way.  This course is offered in Mendocino, California and in Europe.

-Advanced Taiji Tui Na

-Herbal Medicine: From the Forest to the Pharmacy Program



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