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We offer an number of Programs at Three Springs Institute

-CEU classes for acupuncturists and anyone interested in Chinese medicine and philosophy:

Upcoming CEUs- full description on the Upcoming Classes page


30 day residential program.  In this program students spend 30 days over the course of a year at Three Springs Farm to immerse themselves in Chinese medicine study and self cultivation.  Each program is individualized.

-Teaching From the Roots: This is a post-graduate certificate program in Classical Chinese medical literature and philosophy.  Each year we cover different topics, but the programs are all rooted in Chinese language and the philosophical traditions of ancient China.  This course is offered in San Francisco, Holland and New York.

-Taiji Tuina Program: Tui Na is the word for bodywork or medical massage in Chinese.  Tai Ji (Tai Chi) is known as a martial art and form of health exercise, but is a philosophy of health through relaxation and movement, which is applied to bodywork in this program.  This course covers all basic theory of Chinese medicine and Tai Ji from a classical perspective and then applies it in a hands on way.  This course is offered in Mendocino, California and in Europe.

-Advanced Taiji Tui Na

-Herbal Medicine: From the Forest to the Pharmacy Program

-Tai Ji Quan Classes: Offered Regularly in Mendocino


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