Sunday classes 12-2:00 weekly.

Each Sunday following we will have a lecture on Chinese medicine.  Each week a new topic on Chinese medicine and philosophy will come to life with lecture and discussion.

New 30 Day Residential Program

The 30 day residential program invites students for intensive study at our Chinese medicine farm and garden.  Each student develops their own study program with us and completes 30 days over a course of a year.  This course be done in a series of weekends, weeks or a month at a time.  We find intensive study in our forest farm to be an effective way to both immerse in study and a conducive environment for self-healing.  Most study programs include Tai ji or Qi gong, medical theory, medical language, classical Chinese philosophy, growing of Chinese herbs (planting, harvesting, seed collecting, process herbs, pharmacy skills), clinical medicine, and self cultivation.

Classes at Three Springs Clinic in Mendocino

located at the Stanford Inn and Eco-Resorts Center for Wellbeing

Taiji Tuina at Three Springs is a practice which employs the principles of Taiji and applies them to hands on healing.  The first skill of Tai Ji is listening.  At Three Spring Taiji Tuina training begins and ends in listening with our hands.  The philosophy of Chinese medicine is integrated with practice.
The Tai Ji Tui Na Basic Training is our introductory course for Chinese medicine.  Is a pre-requisite for most training offered at Three Springs Institute Mendocino.  Click here for a day by day description.
This course is offered in topical modules.  Anyone interested in Chinese medicine can attend the most basic modules.  Those seeking certification or to join the clinic will design their individual study plan with Ken Rose or Jessica Rose.

For students who have completed the basic program.  This is a two part program the first is diagnosis and the second treatment skills.  At the completion of this program students should have basic ability to diagnose according to Chinese medical theory and treat with acupressure, taijituina, moxa and cupping.

This basic herbal medicine course is also composed of modules so students can design their own curriculum based on their goals.  This course will cover single herbs from all categories.  Basic theory of Chinese herbalism, introduction to formulas and dui yao (two herb combinations) with an emphasis on Three Springs pharmacy.  We will also be doing hands on work in the garden and pharmacy.

The advanced program will continue study of single herbs and further the student’s study of formulas.  This course will also include preparation of herbs, tincture, topical applications, and other forms of administering herbs.  The advanced course will continue hands on study in the garden and pharmacy.

Apprenticeships constitute the bulk of our clinical study program.  Students have required tasks, but can also select areas of focus.  Apprentices will do Tui Na /acupressure, moxa, cupping, herbal medicine preparation, preparation of patients, and front desk and pharmacy jobs in the clinic.  Apprentices are accepted based on completion of the basic course and approval from the institute.
Our clinic is an approved acupuncture tutorial site.  At different times their will be students of the California Acupuncture Tutorial Program studying a practicing acupuncture at the clinic.

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