We grow Chinese herbs out of love of the plants themselves, the need to provide a clean high quality source of plant medicine for our community pharmacy, a great resource for learning, these plants nourish us and our community in many ways.
Our research on Chinese herbs is a project in collecting information and developing methods for communities outside of the native geography to grow unique medicine from Asia.
We hope our efforts will help build a closer connection between clinicians, students, patients, and farmers in the care of our plant medicine.

Garden Pharmacy
This provides a great opportunity for study since Chinese medicine theory is based on the observation of nature.   The growth and decay of plant life cycles provide clear illustrations for us that can be seen in the garden and clinic.  Working side by side in garden and pharmacy we can increase our knowledge on producing medicinally effective and sustainable herbs.
We consider our long-term research project the development of a system of communication between garden, pharmacy, patient, practitioner, and the herbs themselves.

Article in Mother Earth Living on our project: https://www.motherearthliving.com/health-and-wellness/ancient-chinese-herbs-in-northern-california/

A Network of Farmers and Patients Growing Chinese Herbs for Our Pharmacy
We are working on developing a network of farmers to help us grow herbs in different climates. If you are interested in growing herbs for the pharmacy please let us know.

We also assist individual students or patients in growing specific herbs at home in their gardens or in the forest.  This may include seeds or starts of the plants and advice on how to keep them happy once they get home.

Local wild-crafters supply us with herbs or mushrooms that grow wild in this area such as self heal- xia ku cao and turkey tail- yun zhi.

Below pictures of dang shen, yi yi ren, lotus flowers,huang qi and huai niu xi in the gardens.

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